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Good evening ,Mr。xx。I'm your student Wang Lin。I email you to ask for a leave because I'm having a fever and can't go to school。
I'll catch up with my lesson when I get better and I'm looking forward to going back to your class again。
Thank you。



March, 200

Dear Director,

I beg to apply for one’s week’s leave of absence from the 1st to 7th instant, both days inclusive, in order to return home to see my grandfather, who is now serious ill。 To support my application, I herewith submit the telegram received from my father last night。


James Smith



Dear Mr。 Brown,

I beg to inform you that I shall be unable to e to school / your class today because of an important business in the family。

Your loving student

J。 Smith



7 July

Dear Mr。 Smith,

On account of an attack of the flu with a severe headache, I shall be unable to attend classes today, for which I submit a certificate from the doctor。 I shall be much obliged if I can get your permission。

Respectfully yours,

John Warner



Dear Mr。 Wang,

I am very sorry that I shall be unable to e to your classes today owing to a bad cold。 I enclose a certificate from the doctor who is attending me。 He said it will be two or three days before I shall be able to resume my school。


April 20



Oct。 7, 200

Director Hu,

A telegram has just e to hand saying that my mother is serious ill and urging me to go home at once。 Because of this I should very much like to have a leave of three days beginning on Oct。 8。 I hope that my request will be given due consideration。

Chen Xingxing

Encl: a telegram from my home



An Application For Annual Leave

To: Mr。 John Smith, General Manager

From: George Chen, Accounting Department

Date: January 22, 2003

Subject: Application for annual leave

Dear Mr。 Smith,

I would like to apply for an annual leave from January 25th to 31st。

As you may know the Spring Festival is falling on February 1st this year。 It's the most important holiday in China and offers the best occasion for family reunion。 However, over the past 3 years I missed the reunions due to tight work schedule。 Now that I have wrapped up my work for this year, I would like to go back to my hometown to pay filial piety to my parents and help my sole brother prepare his wedding on January 28th。

It's indeed double happiness for my family that I would like to be part of。 Coupled with the official holidays for the Spring Festival, I will have two weeks off which will definitely gear me up for better work in the new year。 I'm looking forward to your kind answer。

Best regards,

George Chen



July 4, 200

Dear Prof。 Wang,

I am very sorry to apprise you that I am unable to attend school today owing to a bad cold。 I enclose doctor’s certificate and ask you for sick leave of three days。

Your student


Encl:Doctor’s Certificate for sick leave



To: John Smith, Supervisor

From: George Chen, Accounting Department

Date: March 11, 2001

Subject: Casual Leave of Absence

John, I would like to know if I could ask for a casual leave of absence from March 23 to 27。

Yesterday I received a letter from my parents, who are both over 70, telling me that a big flood took place at my home village, causing serious damage to my house。 As the only son of my parents, I should of back to assess the situation, and help them to get over these difficulties。 Though I cannot stay at home for too long a time, I should at least make arrangements for repair work。 I believe my relatives in the village and my neighbors will also e to help。 Financially I have no difficulties。

I will call you at 1:30p。m。 or you can call me at any time。



Dear Mr/Ms Jiang

I was unable to e to 1st and 2nd period today。Due to the rain yesterday, I was wet and had temperature at night。 The doctor adviced me to rest for several days and after my recovery, I will attend school as soon as possible。

I am sincerely sorry about the inconvenience。 However, I would like to have your permission。 Also, afterwards I would phone you and there's the certificate by the doctor。

Li Tie

October 21st 2014




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